85°C Bakery Café

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Before going to Taiwan, my cousin, Christine, advised us to take a trip to a certain cafe. It’s become one of my favourite cafes and is called 85 °C Cafe and Bakery. This coffee shop specialises in desserts and afternoon tea. Their menu has quite a variety including:

  • full cakes
  • cake slices
  • cheesecake
  • rolls
  • pastries
  • decent coffee
  • flavoured teas (hot and cold)
  • lattes
  • mocha
  • slush
  • smoothies
  • and one of my favourite Taiwanese beverages “bubble tea

85°C Bakery Café was born in Taichung and was so well-received that it’s set up in over 30 spots in Taiwan, Australia, China and even the USA. In my previous posts I’ve mentioned of my family’s holiday to Taiwan, and during this time, we also celebrated my sister’s birthday. Jasmine’s birthday was on the 24th of December and all she wanted was bubble tea and cake. We met up with Nicky, a friend living in Taiwan and drove around Taichung for and hour and a half, having followed inaccurate directions from Yi-Ting and Cathy, in hopes of meeting up with them.

We eventually (finally) found 85°C Bakery Café and ordered a few different cakes and bubble tea. It’s a lovely setup, but like every franchised business, it’s slightly generic. Though, I have to say, the presentation and design of the cakes really blow you away.

This bakery café smells of cake, pastries and breads throughout the day and night. If you find yourself visiting any of areas with an 85°C Bakery Café, make sure to try it out. These are the smaller cakes and slices we chose to have for my sister’s birthday.

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