A Beautiful Surprise 25th Birthday with the Cape Town Rollergirls

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482745_357194557726233_1652980136_nThis past Friday, the 5th of April 2013, the Cape Town Rollergirls (my roller derby league) threw me the most special surprise party for my 25th birthday! Nattie Nitrox, the league secretary and my dear friend, organised the whole event without my knowledge! Well done woman, there’s not much that gets past me online – the control-freak inside me didn’t particularly love the idea of a surprise party. My fella, Kyle, led me to believe I was going out for dinner with friends of ours, and I honestly had no clue. He led me to the destination and being all trusting and stupid, I didn’t question any last minute changes.

Cape Town-20130405-01711

 The Surprise

We landed up having to meet ‘our friends’ at On a Roll – Dog Kitchen in Mowbray (which, by the way, has a fantastic range of creative Hot Dogs and vibrant atmosphere) for pre-drinks and I walked into the biggest surprise of my life! The Cape Town Rollergirls had taken over a section with roller skate and tyrannosaurus cake and cupcakes. Overwhelmed by the surprise and touched by everyone’s efforts, I cried like a tool.

One of the highlights, was the present table behind the rollergirls. This table was piled up with dog food (dried and tinned), dog collars, black bags, water bowls, doggie treats, toys, doggie shampoos, cleaning detergents, cash and a brand new printer to be donated to a charity my sister and I support – Dogs Deserve Better (Facebook link). Read up more about Natasha Theunissen, the animal behaviourist, and what she does for Dogs Deserve Better. My sister, Jasmine, and I adopted our pavement specials (Buttons and Pepper) from her dog rehabilitation centre and she needs a lot of help to maintain the place, and the 37 dogs she currently looks after.


 This was such a beautiful and special present. My friend, Kyle, and I dropped off all the goods on Sunday at Dogs Deserve Better close-by Malmesbury and we attempted to take some pictures (one of the dogs got protective over the donation pile and growled at the other dogs that came near it).



Thank you to my roller derby league! I am so grateful and touched by all your efforts and kindness. I love you all so very much!

  • Nattie Nitrox
  • Sue Ellen Brewsing
  • DiDilicious
  • Terra Swift
  • Sammy Whammy & Thomas Wheeler
  • T-Bird
  • Betty Blizzard
  • Power Serge
  • Doll Vuis
  • Liezl
  • LadyHawke
  • Goldiblocks
  • MayDay
  • Mal Strom
  • Screws Mc Luck (the maker of the cakes – Kaap Cakes)
  • Gazelle & G.I JoJo
  • Sam S
  • Preda Terror
  • Tasmeanian Devil
  • Natalie S
  • A Mean Business
  • Diaan
  • Manuela
  • Quick Stix
  • Hooligan Barbie
  • Jessie Tantrum
  • Marie Biscuit
  • Quad Jester & Jemmacide
  • Miss Anne-Arkey
  • And R100 donation from Sue Ellen Brewsing’s dog “Jackson”

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  1. Natasha Theunissen
    | Reply

    To the most wonderful woof angels.

    The pack and myself want to thank you all so much for your generosity and compassion for our 4 legged friends.
    You have made the pack really happy, they are enjoying the tin food and treats. The 2 large buckets, they have all jumped in them, anything new, they have to try it out for a game, the collars are great, red for the girls and black for the boys. The bowls are wonderful, as the wind really blows here hard, so the bowls are higher and the sand does not get into their food, and the big water bowls are great. The hooves, they love, at this moment they are chewing on them, it’s saving me the little furniture I have left.

    I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, and I am very humbled and honoured to have met Ming-Cheau and Jasmine for their generous contribution every month to the Centre. With their donation, they help so many dogs on this side of the world that would have been euthanised. They are True Dog Lovers.

    I thank all the ladies that have donated all these gifts to the centre and on my side, the printer, now I can make flyers, and try to get all my puppies and dogs adopted and I have so many more waiting to come into the centre, and I really can only cope with 30 dogs at a time, but to keep them from being euthanised, I feed them at the homes of the people that I work with.

    Thank you all so very much it’s was like Christmas for the dogs

    In love and light from the pack and myself
    Natasha Theunissen
    Cell: 084 247 8105
    Dogs Deserve Better Rehabilitation Centre
    Web page: http://www.dogsdeservebetter.wozaonline.co.za.

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