Baby Animal of the Week: 18: Pug Puppy

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Baby Animal of the Week series. My dear friend Suné Storm and I Google search baby animals to smile and warm the cockles of our hearts when we have a bad day. Today, we talk about pugs. These little dogs are one of the world’s most popular pets, and the official dog breed for the ‘House of Orange‘.

When I was twelve, my mama bought me a green ‘pug-looking’ plush doll before, and yes it was weird looking, but I loved the colour green so I insisted on having it. She told me this phrase in Mandarin “醜的可愛” which means, ‘so ugly, it’s cute’. Which is now, the only thing I’ll ever think when looking at these flat-faced creatures.

Pug fun fact: Pugs are one of the most ancient dog breeds and are of Asian descent (all dogs with curly tails are). When they hang out together, the collective term is a ‘grumble’ of pugs. Now, that’s pretty cute.

baby pug

 This image was borrowed from here.

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    Well that just warmed my heart…pretty freaking cute!

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