Baby Animal of the Week: 6. Baby Loris

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Baby Animal of the Week series. My derby friend Suné Storm (Azzy Starr) and I Google search baby animals to smile and warm the cockles of our hearts when we have a bad day.

Today’s baby animal was requested by my friends at The Creamery – a handmade ice cream business in Cape Town (you have to try their peanut butter ice cream – it’s my favourite!). To celebrate their first birthday (which was yesterday), I’m dedicating this Baby Animal of the Week post to them.

Slow Loris fun fact: This nocturnal specie is the only poisonous primate. Its venom is stored in an elbow patch – when threatened, they raise their elbows above their head and take some poison into their mouths, then bite their enemy with a toxic bite.

Today we looked up:

Baby Slow Loris

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  1. The Creamery Gals
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    Thanks Ming! We are honoured, and thank you for the baby loris dedication. Still scratching our heads over poisonous elbow patches…

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