Breyani magic and red shoes

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I have never really had the pleasure of attending a David Kramer performance, unless you count that one time I went to the Crystal Towers’ bar, where one of the rooms was dedicated to him. I was first astonished at how bright his red shoes were and felt uneducated and embarrassed the moment my partner explained how Kramer was known for his eccentric signature red shoe collection.

This past performance was a truly enjoyable and uplifting show that kept me bobbing in my seat. The stories behind the music gave each song their own unique path and were performed by highly talented musicians, who each had the opportunity to play a solo and impress the crowd. It was definitely an amazing introduction to Cape Town culture and music for my inner “Bloem meisie” and has stirred a theatre-love that will draw me back to the Baxter Theatre very soon. Well done to those involved with the show and the Breyani musicians for a job well done!

This picture was taken from the Facebook event page – here.

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