Cape Town Rollergirls ROAD RAGE Roller Derby Bout 24 AUG 2013

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If you’ve been following my roller derby adventures, you’ll know that I’ve been playing this full-contact women’s sport for over two years and what started as a hobby became an obsession. Find out more about roller derby here.

This past weekend on Saturday 24 August 2013, my roller derby league – the Cape Town Rollergirls hosted a Bout “ROAD RAGE” in Cape Town, where the Storm Riders (my team) competed against The REV’ettes, another team in the league. Our officiating Squad, The Cape Quaggas kept all the rollergirls in line and at the end, we lost by a close margin at the end, scoring 174 points to 192. But we played hard and skated our hearts out, and loved every second of all our hard work and efforts. Congratulations to The REV’ettes on their victory.

Here are some pictures taken by my lunch/work buddy David Orridge.

The black and dark blue uniform is worn by my team, Storm Riders.

Cape Town Rollergirls ROAD RAGE 1


Getting a GoPro Camera strapped onto my helmet. It didn’t last long.


Betty Blizzard stretching during our team warm ups.


Assisting our Jammer, Preda Terror (Star on Helmet)


Preda Terror’s skater-face (Star on Helmet)


 Pepper Anarchy, focused and ready to jam.


Official Timeout: Captain G.I JoJo talks strat.


All in all, we’re one united league and are proud to be Cape Town Rollergirls.

— — —

You can see more pictures on our FB page here.

The Storm Riders team consists of:

G.I JoJo #03 (Captain & Pivot – Blocker)

Red Mist #1981 (Captain & Jammer)

Jammer: Gazelle #8
Jammer: Pepper Annarchy #420
Blocker: Betty Blizzard #47
Blocker: Lily Leboutski #markit0
Blocker: PredaTerror#101
Blocker: Wolverming #88
Blocker: T-Bird
Blocker: Skidd Vicious #0/0

Bench Manager: Sami Whammy

My friend Ben Winfield designed the ROAD RAGE Bout Poster and you can check out more of his work here.

RoadRage FINAL-4000px

At this epic roller derby event we held a raffle draw, where incredible local businesses from Cape Town sponsored a wide variety of prizes our supporters could win. This included tattoo vouchers from well-known tattoo parlours, weekend getaways at stunning locations, beauty salon vouchers, restaurant vouchers, fun hampers and more! We also had a Charity Bin to support women’s month in South Africa, where supporters could bring old clothes which we’re donating to Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust.

Thank you to our Cape Town community for the rad support!


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  1. Ben Winfield
    | Reply

    Awesome Ming! Such a rad event! I’ll definitely be there for the next one 😀

    • Ming-Cheau
      | Reply

      Thanks again for the amazing bout graphics Ben!

  2. lameez
    | Reply

    Wow Ming, can see u guys an awesum team…keep it up gal!!tx 4 sharing 😀

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