ClemenGold for the Chinese New Year 2017

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year is to be celebrated this year (2017) on the 28th with a New Year’s Eve dinner on the 27th of January. I’m 28 years of age now, and as I’ve celebrated every lunisolar New Year in South Africa I’ve realised how very little is known about the biggest holiday in the east. I’m sure everyone in the logistics/shipping or international investment fields knows about the holiday as Chinese New Year brings about a two-week break. But as a country, South Africa has more branded content posts around St. Patrick’s Day than the Asian’s equivalent to let’s say ‘Christmas’. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against St. Patrick’s Day, I just think that the Lunar New Year is also quite important seeing as there is quite a large Asian community in South Africa that celebrate this festive holiday too.

I reached out to ClemenGold, one of my favourite local food brands to help me start creating awareness around this festive holiday in SA with some food personalities I’ve become well-acquainted with in the food industry to simply get food media to start acknowledging the Lunar New Year.

ClemenGold Goodness

The ClemenGold Company produces an easy-peeling mandarin, that’s sweet and aromatic. This soft citrus fruit is sun-ripened, hand-picked and my favourite feature… virtually seedless. ‘South Africa is the flagship ClemenGold producing country, with Spain, Australia, Argentina and Uruguay actively participating in bringing the eating pleasure of ClemenGold to consumers all around the world.’  Find the fruit at Woolworths during the cooler months.

Relevance? Well with Chinese celebrations, mandarins/tangerines are eaten as they symbolise wealth with their bright golden-orange colour. The words used to say ‘mandarins/tangerines’ are also a homonym to the word ‘gold’ in certain Chinese dialects (I won’t get into that, it can get a bit complicated).

However, these sun-kissed fruits are only available in the Northern Hemisphere seeing as it’s a winter fruit so the ClemenGold team came up with a creative solution and sent ClemenGold preserves. This, my friends, means that ClemenGold is going down in South African media history as the first non-Asian brand to acknowledge Chinese New Year.
Happy Lunar New Year everyone, and as you say in Chinese-Mandarin, 恭喜發財 (congratulations and prosper)!

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