Cultural Appropriation VS Appreciation with Studio H

My friends at Studio H (a multidisciplinary design studio), organisers of many rad events like Street Food Festival invited me to their team as their cultural advisor and wanted to learn more about the harms of cultural appropriation. This is a delayed blogpost, I did a 30-minute presentation on cultural appropriations VS cultural appreciation at their headquarters at New Media Publishing on 9 October 2017, Studi H also invited the Woolworths Taste team to listen in on this.

The aim behind educating about the harms of cultural appropriation through food is to promote mindfulness and inclusivity in Cape Town media and hopefully the rest of South Africa. Email me if you want to educate your team and prevent the PR nightmare that comes with disrespecting unfamiliar cultures due to lack of understanding.

FYI my background:
– BA in Brand Communications through Vega School in Cape Town, specialising in copywriting.
– 7 years of advertising full-time agency experience; including SEO (search engine optimisation), digital copywriting, social media content and management, as well as traditional copywriting in retail (Purple Cow Communications, Liquorice and 99C).
– I co-founded Cape Town’s local roller derby league (Cape Town Rollergirls), and was part of the voluntary management team to achieve non profit status. My role was the Marketing & PR Chair which I held for four and a half years, voted by the league as Best Committee Manager in 2015.
– I been running this Taiwanese home cooking recipes food blog for fun, sharing recipes from my culture and my passion projects. (I’m quite proud it won an award with Getaway Magazine way back when).

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