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Okay, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything new, but I promise I have a good reason. I started playing a sport called roller derby in March this year and I can’t express how much it has done for me. Sport has never been a priority for me, but I do understand the importance of it – though roller derby has made me fall in love with exercise. Skating on quads has been an amazing experience! I used to skate as a child, but replaced them with inline skates as I got older. The difference between the two is actually quite noticeable.

“Eating dirt” Picture taken by Eric Uys

First thing’s first, what is roller derby?

Roller derby originated in 1884 when the term “derby” was used to describe the roller skating races, which became a popular sport in the United States. These races included both males and females, and often was a four-day race – which is a bietjie mal for my liking. However, the races offered prize money and showed off the endurance and athleticism of the skaters.

In the 1950s, the game was no longer sport alone, but it became theatrical entertainment, the way roller derby is stereotyped today – girls in glamourised uniforms on quad roller skates and dramatised bashing up. This lasted roughly 20 years, but in 2001, in Austin, Texas, roller derby (as we know today) was reinstated. Focusing on sportsmanship, sisterhood and athleticism.

Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) was formed in April 2004 as an association for the flat track roller derby leagues in the United States, and most leagues (even though run independently) adhere to the WFTDA regulations.

Our league is a very young one, we’re working hard at training to be good athletes and skaters before we play an official game.

Keep updated, online, with roller derby in Cape Town:

Cape Town Rollergirls – Facebook and Twitter

If you’d like to join, contact us and attend our Fresh Meat Open Nights, which are always announced on  our social media accounts.

Why haven’t I blogged in a while?

During practice on the 16th of July, while playing “Queen of the Rink”, I broke my wrist. The game comprises of skaters skating continuously around the track, while dodging skaters or knocking others out, the last woman standing wins!

Clearly, I wasn’t the last one standing. I was knocked out and landed full weight and backwards on my left wrist. Before getting up from the ground, I managed to move all five of my fingers and assumed it was a bad sprain. The girls convinced me to go to hospital, where the nurses wanted to cut my Triple8 wrist guard off (yes, it was still on because it’s a slip on guard and has splints on both sides of the hand – it’s quite badass, but not easy to take off). I refused because all I was thinking was how much I paid for those bad boys and what a waste it’d be, this was before I knew it was broken. The nurses injected morphine into my ass cheek, one held me down and the others pulled my Triple8s off. And from there on, I found out not only was it broken, but it also needed surgery. Fml. And mind you, my experience at Milnerton MediClinic was also… too shit for words.

According to the x-rays, I crushed my wrist, cracked the radius perpendicularly on both opposite sides and some part of the radius head move upwards. Great… For surgery, the doctor inserted a metal plate to reinforce my wrist, the girls calls it my internal wrist guard. The doctor also mentioned that the wrist guard protected my hand from even more damage.


Now my hand is swollen and pudgy like “Sausage fingers”, but I’m healing fast!

I miss skating terribly, the girls, the sport, the sweat and the burn. But it’s ok, according to our fresh meat coach and trainer “QuadJeSTER” (Nico Paulse) “Chin up chica”, and he’s right, my attitude will affect my healing process.

And my roller derby name has changed over from “Ming Rhames” to “Wolverming” (see reason below)

P.S. Use high-quality protective gear and upgrade as you go along. Don’t mess with your safety.

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  1. Mike
    | Reply

    “I crushed my wrist…” OH GOD NO.

    Glad you’re healing quick!

  2. 123HC
    | Reply

    Shame Ming-ming (sorry, Wolverming), that really looks like it hurt like hell. Hope it’s better already & you can start skating again soon. Here’s a Haiku to speed up the recovery process…

    A fall and a twist
    In an instant
    I broke my wrist


  3. Oh my goodness! It looks like there is some kind of alien living in your wrist Ming!
    Hope you will be up and about soon. 😀

  4. Stix
    | Reply

    I’m so proud of you for just writing this whole article with a broken wrist! Awesome Wolverming. Miss ya at prac.

  5. QuadJeSTER
    | Reply

    Awesome friggen article. Miss you much chica, as soon as you healed up we take it slow and get back on our feet and ROLLLLL. Will be there every skate of the way. Buck up.

    • Ming-Cheau
      | Reply

      You’re my motivation dude 🙂 Thanks for being awesome and for all the encouraging words.

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  9. Sting Rae
    | Reply

    Glad to see you are back on skates. You are so brave 🙂

  10. suzy lightning
    | Reply

    bloody hell Ming! so glad you back skating. what a thing! what wrist guards you using now?

    • Ming-Cheau
      | Reply

      I’m using Triple 8s, they’re very good. They actually saved my wrist 😛

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