Dogs Deserve Better: Meet Buttons & Pepper

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My sister, Jasmine, and I have been wanting to get dogs for a while now, but having grown up with dogs – we knew it was a responsibility that we can’t take on half-heartedly. In September, we decided it was a good time to adopt and Jasmine started researching local shelters. She found a spot in Malmesbury called “Dogs Deserve Better”, a dog rehabilitation centre.

Below are my sister and my adopted sweet pavement specials

This location, was not only out in the middle of nowhere, but it was summer time and I remember swallowing a significant amount of miggies. But amidst the heat, there were over 20 of the happiest dogs I’ve ever seen. Natasha Theunissen is an animal behaviourist with a deep passion for animals. About 10km outside outside of Malmesbury, she rehabilitates neglected and abused dogs. The dogs she cares for come from the informal communities of the Western Cape, and with her skills she teaches the local communities on how to care for their canines.

Check out her website – her Wish List comprises items we keep in our garage, unused and forgotten.

Dogs Deserve Better Rehabilitation Centre website and Facebook page.

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