Earth Fair Food Market in Tokai, Cape Town

The Earth Fair Market in Tokai, Cape Town is located at the Builders Warehouse, being the ideal location for a market on that side of the city. This market also trades in town at St. Georges Mall, a beautiful strip through the city centre, which I’ve previously posted on – click here to see post on the market.

Most visitors of this market enjoy the Wednesday evenings as a dinner option because of the wide variety of dishes made by the local vendors of Cape Town and the bar of local beers and wine. Which makes the Tokai Earth Fair Market a trendy joint for the people living in the Southern Suburbs.

My favourite foods from this market include lasagne, steak rolls, German sausage with potato salad, green curry, fresh organic raspberries, cheesecake and freshly squeezed juices.

This indoor setting has:

  • plentiful parking (and car guards)
  • fresh produce
  • a bar of local brews (draughts, champagne and wine)
  • fresh flowers
  • delicious fresh oysters
  • preserves food (pastas, cheese, gluten-free dishes, curries, hot dogs and sushi)
  • desserts (cheesecake, ice-cream, chocolate truffles and nougat)
  • music (occasional live music)
  • crafts
  • a kids’ corner

Details for the Earth Fair Market:

Twitter: @earthfairmarket

Facebook: Earth Fair Food Market

Website URL:

Trading hours:

  • Wednesday – Tokai – 15:00 pm till 20:00 pm
  • Thursday – St. Georges Mall – 11:00 am till 16:00 pm
  • Saturday – Tokai – 09:00 am till 14:00 pm
Some photos I took of the Earth Fair Market in Tokai, Cape Town

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