Gluten-free Pork Short Rib and Daikon Noodle Soup

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One of my favourite combinations growing is pork and daikon. Daikon is a root, and resembles a very fat white carrot. It tastes a tad like radish, but milder in flavour – a lovely winter vegetable. You can find these guys at Asian supermarkets, or simply replace it with radishes, in lesser quantity of course.

In a family of five, with the regular grandma or friends visits, cooking had to be easy and done quickly which makes this soup an idea addition to the dinner table. My mama would cut thick slices of daikon, cut up some pork ribs (with meat and fat) on the bone with a touch of salt and pop all this together in the pressure cooker. Then after an hour or so, the daikon is cooked through – soft and excruciatingly hot when you take a bite and the broth spits back out at you, the rib meat is tender and falls off the bone while the cartilage on the bone is soft and begs for more time in the pot.

I’ve truly been enjoying experimenting with broths, and remade this easy recipe while taking more time for a more depth and complexity in flavour.

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Pork Short Ribs and Daikon Soup (add vermicelli noodles and bland fresh veggies)

5 servings


  • 500g short pork ribs
  • 300g daikon (may use 200g radish to substitute – it has a stronger flavour)
  • 1 litre of water
  • Salt and white pepper to taste
  • 1 stalk of spring onion

To garnish:

  • Spring onions
  • Coriander


  • You don’t need to have a pressure cooker to make this.
  • Cut off some pork fat from the ribs and let it render in a deep pan.
  • Once the oil is drawn out, braise the pork ribs until they’re golden brown.
  • Meanwhile, slice 3/4 of the spring onion and add it to the pan and let it panfry with the pork ribs.
  • Once golden brown, pour the water in. Add chunky slices of daikon (may be substituted with radishes)
  • FINISH: A) Let it simmer for about 30 minutes and enjoy. B) Pressure cook it or gas stove it on a low simmer for 3+ hours.


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