Guess where I’m going #butterfingersintaiwan

Taiwan, my home country, a country slightly bigger then Belgium, and filled with local food vendors around every corner, in addition to the Seven Elevens. Each specialising in something unique and magical.

Taiwan is the red marked island, just by the way.

I was born in the south – Tainan, and moved to South Africa when I was three. It’s quite an interesting story, from a historical point of view, my family was part of the generation that moved to SA for better opportunities that were presented by the old government to bring about better international relations and businesses between the two countries. Anyway that’s a story for another day.

The last time I was here was almost 5 years ago, and to be honest, although I can speak and understand the language, I am rather far removed from being able to call myself a Taiwanese local. But I believe food is the one thing in my culture I can truly connect with and have a relationship with, and I have to admit, I am incredibly romantic.


From enjoying the fragrance of toasted soya sauce of a Taiwanese beef noodle soup, to breaking in the first spoon of freshly steamed dohua, with a light syrup and boba… the thought of Taiwanese food makes my heart, and stomach I guess, ache for simpler times while growing up with my folks. Whether we’re sitting around the television folding dumplings together or washing bamboo leaves to fold pyramids of glutinous rice, there’s a story behind every food, there’s an intricate process it follows before completion, there are different ways to enjoy them and of course, different ingredients prepared in different ways that reveal hints of its original district.

Street food is the hallmark of Taiwanese dining and the night markets are plentiful. I will be taking my boyfriend, Kyle, to introduce him to everything I love about my culture, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll understand my obsession for food.

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