Guest speaker at Deloitte Cape Town

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I was invited to speak at Cape Town’s Deloitte, a financial consultant company on Tuesday, 2 May 2017. I was fortunate to get the gig because my brother suggested me to them. He referenced my Media24 article on my life experience as an Asian South African since he’s part of Deloitte Cape Town’s Equity Transformation team, and they seemed keen for me to chat about my article and Butterfingers. This talk was 20 minutes with a presentation for their Brown Bag Lunch – they host one every six months, the office at Cape Quarter would host a guest speaker and provide brown bag lunches for staff at Deloitte who attended these talks. I based my presentation on ‘PERSPECTIVE’ and spoke about my lived experience as a child of a Taiwanese family that immigrated to South Africa, the discrimination we still face and how we struggle with society’s norms.

Thank you to all those who attended (about 70 plus folk – the largest group I’ve spoken in front of), Nondy, Kyle and my little brother for the opportunity. I really enjoyed challenging my anxiety and providing my perspective as a woman of colour living in South Africa.

Sub note: Being the awkward person that I am, I didn’t think to have a picture taken there. This is my attempt at a ‘chest’ selfie.

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