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This post is more of a feature because I want to share the wonderful world of K!ff Posters to you. In a friends’ band “Tonightwedie”, the raging drummer, known as Nothief, is also the graphic designer at Gloo Design Agency.

Nothief is Michael Pauls.

His fascination for this type of “poster art” stemmed from his youth, raiding his dad’s record collection to look at the various creative elements that create the complete package. The defining poster that embedded itself into Michael’s life is “Queen’s 1977, “News of the world” album art.

The Nothief says, “Queen’s 1977, “News of the world” Album artwork both scared and fascinated the Rice Crispies right out of me. I spent hours looking at this terrifying robot giant thing that was stabbing people in their stomachs with it’s giant middle finger. I couldn’t put it down.”

Read more about his keen interest in “poster art” – here.

 “Queen’s 1977, “News of the world” Album artwork

Ming speaks to Nothief

Ming: How often do you feel the need to publish a new post? Or does it depend if you found gold or not?

Nothief: “To be honest I feel the need to post every day of the working week. I do my best to make this happen but yes, I also need to have some type of emotional response to the work. So I won’t post stuff that I don’t consider to be kiff.”

Ming: Do you find out more about the artists who created the posters you blog about after having posted about them?

Nothief: “Always yes. That way I can keep a top 10 list in my brain of artists I love and then check in every so often to see who’s making what.”

Ming: Which is your ultimate favourite poster? Who’s the musician/band it’s for and who’s the artist?

Nothief: “The poster that has kicked my arse for the longest time is a poster that Brian Ewing made for Brand New’s 2003 US tour.  I’ve loved that poster forever (well, since 2003) and one day I plan on having it. Other posters that deserve mentions are pretty much anything from Kevin Tong, DKNG and Ken Taylor.”

What Kiffposters did for me

I love MewithoutYou, one of my favourite bands, check out one of my favourite music videos they churned called “The Fox, the Crow and the Cookie” – using both eastern and western puppetry.

After reading about the MewithoutYou poster on Mikey’s blog, I had to get one!

Thank you K!ffposters! We love it!


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