Making Baozi on SABC3 Afternoon Express

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On Wednesday, 20 January 2016, the SABC 3 Afternoon Express team invited to me to join them in studio to make… whatever I felt like. Now that’s a bit a hard. But since Kyle and I just came back from a food-focused trip in Taiwan, I thought I’d make his favourite Taiwanese street food – the humble baozi.

Lukang is a historical sea port facing the Taiwan strait in Changhua County near Taichung. Directly translated, ‘lu’ means deer, and ‘kang’ means harbour, this was due to the deer skin trade that occurred during the Dutch colonial period in the mid 1600s. The Sika deer (spotted deer) by the way, is Taiwan’s national animal. This was where Kyle was introduced to his favourite street food.

Butterfingers on Afternoon Express

This port is one of Taiwan’s oldest towns and is famous for the historical village that is home to traditional architecture, with temples, markets of food and crafts, perfect for any tourist to drink in the culture of Taiwan. Right by the temple there’s a spot to get boazi, and apparently it’s one of the best places for these steamed buns.

Perfectly fluffly dough, steamed to perfection with a pork and cabbage filling. Check out the feature here. Thanks to Clement and the Afternoon Express team for inviting me to make boazi on set, it was fun!

Steamed Baozi on Afternoon Express

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