Ming’s Top 10 Quirks

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Just a few things that make me… me.

At The Company’s Garden in Cape Town.

  1. I was born in Tainan, Taiwan.
  2. I was originally named ‘Lin Cheau’, ‘Ming’ only came in when I was 1.
  3. I got my ‘b’s and ‘d’s mixed up as a kid.
  4. Age 3-18 in Bloemfontein, Free State! (notice the FS number plate)
  5. I struggled to tell time properly until I was 11.
  6. I have a keen fascination for deep sea creatures and dinosaurs (reptiles).
  7. I studied copywriting (branding) and Patisserie.
  8. My favourite scents include old library books and freshly baked bread.
  9. I play roller derby for the Cape Town Rollergirls. Position: Pivot and Blocker.
  10. My body rejects alcohol, so I’m always sober.

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