Nicole & Matthew’s wedding at Sea Trader, Britannia Bay

My dearest friends, Nicole and Matthew, got married recently in Britannia Bay (along the West Coast) at an events location with beach house cottages called Sea Trader. Their wedding was an intimate one, celebrated by family and close friends. I was part of the wedding party; as a background person to attend to any hiccups (where I prefer and am happy to be) and I grew Spekboom plants for their wedding favours from the time they got engaged. I wanted to help my friends by giving them my time and support to ensure they had a wonderful memory of their wedding.

Having never had the chance to stay in Britannia Bay before… every moment was part of the adventure, including having to wait in a parking lot to pick up the dress from the dressmaker (which sadly didn’t even turn out the way she briefed and fitted), as well as the road trip straight after with bride’s sister, Nadine, and family friend Nash. And, what’s a road trip without a lunch-stop by a Wimpy.

Britannia Bay is such a lovely small town, with a few convenience shops a few minutes away. Isolated enough so you can look up and immediately spot the pointers and Southern Cross, take deep breaths of fresh sea breeze and wonder how you can hear everything and nothing at the same time.

You truly get the sense of a holiday getaway, allowing you to switch off and enjoy the ocean air at one of Britannia Bay’s beach houses. Try AccommoDirect and book directly through them if you’re looking for a place to stay (they have over 20 000 listings). It’s quite a useful website, easy navigation and it covers numerous locations on where to stay in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Namibia.

Having signed their papers a few days before, they still needed someone to perform the ceremony at Sea Trader. It was such an honour when the couple asked me to perform the ceremony, my heart warmed up because it showed how much they trusted me to be so involved in this special commitment. Being a multiracial (one coloured and other biracial) couple it was important to them that the person performing the ceremony was also a person of colour. It connected with me and made complete sense, and I realised that I didn’t even consider this when I got married.

Now, Nicole and I connected as friends and grew to become sisters over the past four years; all the ‘kak praat’, being involved in social activism, learning about intersectional feminism and equality in South Africa, and growing to become better versions of ourselves. She’s so special to me, and I was incredibly honoured to perform this feminist wedding ceremony at Britannia Bay for her and her husband.

Nicole and Matthew, I love you both, and I wish you two a lifetime of growth, love and happiness.


“We’re gathered here today to celebrate the union of two special individuals. Joining two hearts and souls that want to declare their love to those they love. It’s an honour to give recognition to the worth and beauty of Nicole and Matthew’s love for each other.

Should there be anyone who has cause why this couple should not be united in marriage, you’re too late.


Today, we’re here to witness and celebrate the union of these two individuals. Two unique souls that joined to create this extraordinary bond. A bond of love and support, the bond that makes the foundation of a strong marriage and partnership. Remember to show your love; through actions and words. Remember to hold hands for no reason, to say I love you every day, to be selfless, to be compassionate and to remind your partner that they are the love of your life.”

This post was written in collaboration with Accommodation Direct. Amazing wedding photos, with permission by the couple and Lauren Pretorius Photography.

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