Throwback Thursdays – The Moon Represents My Heart by Teresa Teng

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Throwback Thursdays – Nostalgic tunes.

My folks moved back to Taiwan recently. And yes, I miss them a lot. This song is one of my favourites, it is a love song, but it will always remind me of my mama and papa.

This song as one of the ultimate classics of Taiwanese music. There used to be this one Chinese restaurant in Bloemfontein in (area) and most Asian families would dine there. I remember this place well because I used to count the 30-egg box cartons that were stuck on the ceiling – apparently it’s good for acoustics.

They had karaoke nights and many moms and dads would sing while the kids hung out at each others’ tables. This song is a popular Karaoke song choice in the Asian community, but I’ll always remember my mama and papa singing this at Karaoke.

Visit here for the video – The Moon Represents My Heart – Teresa Teng


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    She is always in my heart with her voice

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