When in Bloem (part 1) Sosaties at Preller Plein

Every year, it’s important for me to revisit my roots, and by that I mean Bloemfontein. For those who don’t know, I migrated to South Africa at the age of three and spent over fifteen years in the City of Roses.

This morning, a beautiful rainy Saturday, started with my cousin, Wendy, and myself braving the pouring rain (okay, only she left the car) to buy “sosaties” at Preller Plein. A “sosatie” – also known as a kebab – is traditional ‘dish’ – a barbequed skewer of meat (usually lamb, but some also use beef and chicken), drenched in a spicy sauce and much-loved in South Africa.

There are always two fellas braaing every Saturday morning on the corner of this square, and since we were both here, we couldn’t resist the temptation. Unfortunately, with such heavy rain and crazy wind, I couldn’t take any photographs. Wendy also ruined her shoes in the process – bleak.

Looked like this outside.

This looks quite similar to the ones they sell here. Delicious. Image was taken from here.

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  1. Marisa
    | Reply

    Go Bloem! Lived there for most of my primary school career and have such good memories of the place.

    • Ming-Cheau
      | Reply

      Seriously? What school did you attend? Such a small world we live in.

  2. Kitchenboy
    | Reply

    😮 There you go, I give you my front teeth! Now, please had over the sosaties and don’t make any sudden movements…


  3. Chi Chi
    | Reply

    OoooOOO~ yummy, I miss all the braais we used to have. Especially your mum’s pork…

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