Where to buy Zongzi in Cape Town

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My parents are both pretty badass cooks and are now selling Tainan-style zongzi (粽子) in Cape Town. Read up about the history of this rice cake on one of my previous posts here. This post also teaches you how to make them… but does it takes time for prep and cooking, and a bit of folding skill – so if you want to skip the DIY process, you can buy our zongzi from a few local Asian supermarkets in Cape Town, or order these Chinese rice cakes directly from us.

What is zongzi?
There are variations of it depending where you go in East Asia. My parents’ ones are Tainan-style as that where we’re from in Taiwan. It is a rice cake made using glutinous rice with a pork belly, preserved duck egg yolk, shiitake mushrooms, peanuts, fried shallots and dried shrimp filling. This is wrapped inside bamboo leaves, tied and boiled.

Why try it?
Zongzi has a beautiful balance of flavours and textures, from the sticky and fragrant bamboo-flavoured rice and the succulent pork belly to punch of the shiitake mushroom and the dry sandiness of the egg yolk. Buy them frozen, keep them frozen and they freeze for two–three months.

How to eat?
If frozen (highly likely) boil for 15 minutes or steam for 20 minutes. Add sticky soy sauce with crushed roasted peanuts and chopped coriander.

Where to buy our Taiwanese zongzi in Cape Town?
If you buy a minimum of ten(10) zongzi, you can place a direct order with us and pick up when we’re ready (that means they’ll be super fresh). You have two options: 1. With egg yolk OR 2. Without egg yolk – It’s a R5 difference.

Contact: lin(.)mingcheau(@)gmail.com and I’ll sort you out.

Otherwise, visit any of the following stores.
– Live Mart, Montague Gardens
– New Asian Spice Mart, Sea Point
– Mun Fong, Monte Vista

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  1. Khin Simpson
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    I love these! I came from Burma and we grew up with Chinese cuisine and this is something I didn’t think I would find in Cape Town! Freshly made, to add to my delight!
    I live in Plumstead, any chance my order could be delivered?

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