WIN 6 Bottles of Wine & 2 Tickets to the Stellenbosch Wine Festival

Presented by Pick ‘n Pay, the Stellenbosch Wine Festival 2013 opens on 25th January till 3rd February, including an extra ten-day program showcasing the town of Stellenbosch. This festival boasts a great variety of wines for all types of wine enthusiasts. Make sure to follow updates of the event on their Facebook page or their website.


They were kind enough to send me 2 tickets and a case of wines from various wine farms at the festival to giveaway on my blog. This case includes:

  • 1 Versus Dry White 2012
  • 1 Jordan Prospector Syrah 2009
  • 1 Welmoed Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  • 1 Lanzerac Rose 2012
  • 1 Lanzerac Pinotage 2011
  • 1 Meerlust Rubicon 2007

Win this case of wine by commenting on this blog post with your favourite wine in hamper 🙂 Winner will be announced at 11am on 24 January 2013.


Thank you for all the entries and for sharing your personal experience of these wines with Butterfingers! I’m very sure the wine brands you all mentioned will be stoked to hear the feedback on their wines. The winner, chosen by is…..

Sean Killian! Well done! You’ll be receiving a mail from me shortly to discuss the pick up 🙂

31 Responses

  1. Sean Kilian
    | Reply

    One name and one name alone stands out from that bunch. Meerlust Rubicon is and has been in my TOP 3 red wines for many many years. Chortz 🙂

  2. Wayne
    | Reply

    Lanzerac Pinotage 2011. Lanzerac has some fantastic wine that I’ve had the privilege to taste.

  3. Melissa Bailey
    | Reply

    Ooh…tough one. It’s a toss-up between the Lanzerac Pinotage and the Meerlust Rubicon.
    And the winner is….Lanzerac Pinotage!
    Cheers & Wine greetings..

  4. Jessica
    | Reply

    My favorite wine from the selection in the hamper is definitely the Jordan Prospector Syrah 2009!

  5. Francoise Armour
    | Reply

    Meerlust Rubicon is a firm favourite but I would be very happy to try them all!

    The festival dates are perfect for me because they fall in a period when I will have some time to spare so I hope I win.

  6. Megan
    | Reply

    Lanzerac Rose 2012 is my A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E favourite! Describes me best too 🙂 The fruity summer flavour that teases the nose and keeps the tongue lingering! It’s low in alcohol and a definite “drink-me-now”. Enjoyed at any occasion!

  7. Neil Basson
    | Reply

    I’m not peckish, i love all the wines in the hamper 🙂 in desperate need of wines as my collection was emptied over the festive holidays. But if i have to pick one than it will be the Meerlust Rubicon…if i win i will share it with my other half on Valentines Day 🙂

  8. Henda
    | Reply

    Can’t go wrong with the Meerlust Rubicon! 🙂

  9. Abby
    | Reply

    The Lanzerac Pinotage 2011

  10. Letitia Windvogel
    | Reply

    has to be the Meerlust Rubicon yum yum

  11. shelley
    | Reply

    Lanzerac Rose 2012 is the winner!

  12. Lynn Jooste Moyse
    | Reply

    It HAS to be the Lanzerac Rose 2012. Deeeeeeelish!

  13. Caylee Cook
    | Reply

    Nothing quite matches up to a Lanzerac Pinotage 2011 🙂

  14. Janine de Freitas
    | Reply

    For sure, without a doubt I choose Welmoed Sauvignon Blanc 2012!!!!!! Pick me!!!! 🙂

  15. Nicole
    | Reply

    Meerlust Rubicon 2007
    Although its a hard choice as there are some awesome wines in the hamper!!! Such a great prize!!! Whoever wins will be lucky!

  16. Belinda Burdett
    | Reply

    Lanzerac Rose 2012

  17. Ann Fraser
    | Reply

    I only know the Welmoed Sauvignon Blanc, great wine

  18. Hilton Paul
    | Reply

    Easy………Jordan Prospector Syrah…………or may be the Meerlust Rubicon……….on the other hand……….

  19. Maria Botha
    | Reply

    Give me a bottle of Lanzerac Rose anyday.

  20. Jane
    | Reply

    Definitely the Jordan Prospector Syrah. I love wines that are rich and full bodied, but not too heavy and therefore I find this Syrah to be perfect! This wine doesn’t fail to deliver on the ripe dark fruit flavours as well as the dark chocolate. One simply can’t have just one glass of this, DELICIOUS!

  21. Liam
    | Reply

    I come from Zimbabwe, and so before I moved to Cape Town my knowledge of wine was limited to Mukuyu (decent) and Green Valley (aka Death Valley) wines. This knowledge was enriched by my time at Rhodes University, when I also discovered Tassies and Crackling. It was, as you can imagine, a dark time for the latent wine-lover within me. Then, just over a year ago, my life was turned upside down, necessitating a soul-searching solo backpacking trip around South Africa. I gained much more than an appreciation of fine wines from this journey, but one of the most poignant moments came when I found myself sitting on a deck overlooking Keurboom Strand beach, near Plett, sipping a glass of Meerlust Rubicon. Before me was a sunset as plummy and rouge as the ruby nectar I held in my hands. It’s been my favourite wine ever since.

  22. Louise Bergmann
    | Reply

    Without a single doubt the best wine on that list is the Jordan Prospector Syrah 2009.
    I love a full bodied Red Wine with a good meal, and good company.
    Hell, Pick n Pay should’ve just made it six bottles of the Syrah! 😉

  23. Philip Olivier
    | Reply

    Lanzerac Rose 2012

  24. Belinda Olivier
    | Reply

    The Lanzerac Rose 2012

  25. Timothy Burdett
    | Reply

    Lanzerac Pinotage 2011 !!!

  26. Gerda van Zyl
    | Reply

    Rubicon for sure!

  27. John Fraser
    | Reply

    Where does one start – spoilt for choice we are here in the Cape.
    DOOLHOF Went to their premises to buy some of their Sauvignon Blanc as I KNOW served chilled it’s the best in the west. While out at Doolhof I tried their REDS even better that their whites. Guess what wine you will get if you pop over to my house !!!

  28. Bridget Butcher
    | Reply

    Jordan Prospector Syrah

  29. Lorien Bolus
    | Reply

    Meerlust Rubicon has a reputation and I am leaning towards that. But I know that I love Pinotage and am going to go with the Lanzerac Pino.


  30. Nicole
    | Reply

    Meerlust Rubicon. love it love it love it!

  31. Alexander van Olst
    | Reply

    I would definitely say the Welmoed Sauvignon Blanc 2012

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